The Streets As Canvas

The most exciting movement in the visual arts is not happening in a gallery or museum. In fact, it’s much closer than you think and often takes place in the shadows of your own community.

Street Art has exploded as a creative outlet and progressed from a counter culture movement based in graffiti in previous decades to a legitimate business platform in design, fashion, film, publishing, and art. The enthusiasm, availability, and mysterious aspects of some of its biggest proponents only fuel the general interest in this dynamic and important art form. Welcome to the world of street art!

James Daichendt, Ed.D. is Associate Dean and Professor of Art History at Azusa Pacific University in southern California. He is the author of: Shepard Fairey Inc., Artist/Professional/Vandal; Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art; Artist-Teacher: A Philosophy for Creating and Teaching; and Artist Scholar: Reflections on Writing and Research. He is currently writing the official biography of artist Kenny Scharf.

In addition Dr. Daichendt is the founder and chief editor of the academic journal: Visual Inquiry: Learning and Teaching Art and is an art critic for KCET, the nation’s largest independent public television station. Jim holds a doctorate from Columbia University and graduate degrees from Harvard and Boston universities.

This talk was given at a TEDx event

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