New mural is a ‘CHARMING’ addition to North Laguna

New mural is a ‘charming’ addition to North Laguna
Story by ELIZABETH NUTT (Stu News)

CHarming Mural

Those who have driven North on Coast Highway in the last few weeks have surely noticed the progression of a gigantic mural on the façade of an apartment building just off of Boat Canyon Drive. The mural, which reads ‘charming’ in vibrant, colorful lettering, reflects the eye-catching handiwork of London-based street artist Ben Eine.
Eine is said to be one of London’s most prolific street artists, specializing in the form of letters. He has created street art around the world, and this is not his first foray in California; Eine was featured in one of the largest street art exhibitions in museum history at the Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles.

The mural, which received its first coat of vibrant blue paint in mid-August, was completed this past Saturday. The impressively rapid project was carried out with the help of local volunteers. According to Siân Poeschl, the city’s cultural arts manager, the mural was installed without a City permit or review. Permission to paint was provided by the apartment building’s owner.

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