First Solo Exhibition by-Street Artist, i♥️

ExplosiveIdeaz is super ecstatic to announce the First Solo Exhibition by Vancouver-Street Artist, i♥️.

The opening reception is in Vancouver on June 19, 2015.


Last week, iHeart, the Vancouver based graffiti artist that is quickly making a name for himself in the street art scene, put up a great rogue street art installation at Granville Loops Park, an exhibition titled “#asignofthetimes.”


For those of you thinking about checking it out, you’re already too late – the City removed the exhibition early Monday morning. A shame, as it really made the underpass a lot more vibrant and pleasant than it usually is. Why would the City remove such great art that not only brightens up the space but also delves into social media acceptance, a problem many in society are faced with?

Despite his latest pieces being taken down, iHeart has managed to capture the world’s attention with his street art. The ‘Nobody Likes Me’ piece in Stanley Park was recently rated as the second most popular street art piece of 2014 by

His artwork has also been featured on HYPEBEAST and DesignBoom along with other notable blogs. His recent shows include Streets at Hot Art Wet City in Vancouver and Taking Back The Streets in New York City.

We reached out to the City of Vancouver and received the following statement:

City of Vancouver contractors – as part of their regular duties – removed graffiti under the Granville Loop Pedestrian Tunnel. The graffiti was done by an individual who has done pieces throughout Vancouver and elsewhere over the past two years. Un-commissioned work such as this is not permitted by City by-laws and is therefore removed and City staff have explained so to this individual. Also, over the weekend the graffiti you mentioned was vandalized by other taggers which had to be removed. While staff would welcome the individual who did the original tag to work with the City through our mural program, where the work can be preserved and support future projects, to date, the individual has decided not to work with the City or other property owners in asking permission.



Source: excerpt from Vancitybuzz

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