Drifting in Daylight


Central Park was designed as a tranquil counterpoint to the density of urban life. While the green pastures, rocky ledges, and verdant foliage of Central Park give the impression of a timeless existence, its almost 160-year history holds eras of decline and disuse ceding to restoration and renewal.

Today Central Park is both a thriving refuge for nature and a civic space animated by people as they come to congregate, play, reflect, love, listen, and learn.


ExplosiveIDEAZ shares; Drifting in Daylight, an exhibition of eight site-specific artworks throughout the north end of Central Park, responds to the multitude of ways in which park landscapes, histories, and uses are animated through daily life. The artworks embrace the park and weave themselves within it. While some pieces explicitly respond to their surrounding arbors, lochs and groves, others hide in plain sight. Some punctuate the landscape, while others playfully mimic its forms. This exhibition takes the form of a set of experiences repurposing the pastoral diversion of the Park as it is today.

You are invited to stroll through the Park and choose your own path. You may happen upon an artwork or pause to observe the scenery. Dream, drift, participate, and experience the park at your own pace.

The event is on Fridays & Saturdays until June 20th.

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