DISMALAND…Banksy’s Return




Banksy is staging a secret pop-up exhibition called “Dismaland” at an abandoned location. DISMALAND will be made public later this week. Banksy has allegedly kept it under wraps by pretending the site was being used as a film location.

Photographs from the site have included sculptures of a petrol tanker bent into an “S” shape, a derelict pink castle and a metal sculpture of a horse along with other artwork.

The faux amusement park is rising and  the exhibition is being titled “Dismaland,” based on a limited liability corporation recently incorporated.

So far, construction crews have installed a dilapidated pink castle; a large-scale, rainbow-colored pin wheel; a metal sculpture of a horse made of scaffolding rods; a mural of two gulls fighting over fish accompanied by the word “SELFISH”; and a monumental sculpture made of two gas tankers, one stacked atop the other.

Big Rig Jig  created in 2007 by American artist Mike Ross for the annual Burning Man Festival. The 42-foot-tall Big Rig Jig was also shown at Coachella later that year. Mr. Ross’ sculpture was created from two unused tanker trucks that have been hollowed out and made into a vertical tower, the artist explains on his website. Viewers are able to climb through the lower cab to a viewing platform perched on top of the rear axles of the upper tanker. The work was created with a grant from the Burning Man Festival.

The Observer reached out , the body that Banksy set up to authenticate his (or her, or their) works, but got no response.

Signs posted at the scene seem to indicate that the artworks belong to a film location for a crime thriller called Grey Fox, which is being overseen by Hollywood production company Atlas Entertainment. 


Source:  a few several papers breaking our headlines !

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